What is a Tarot Card Reading?

Rudi Reading the tarot

The Tarot cards have grown over hundreds of years into one of the most powerful accurate divinatory systems. The Tarot cards cover the emotional, Physical or intellectual aspects of human behavior. Once the cards are laid out it is like a hologram of your life in the present moment, covering past present and potential future.

The reader doesn’t have to be a medium or psychic to read the Tarot. The Tarot by themselves will give true insight into people’s lives and potential of their future, reflecting their fears and needs of the heart. Because isn’t everyone’s life linked to love, health, work, money and their future aspirations? So when people come for a reading they want clarity on these matters. They rarely what to know if the had a past life in Atlantis.

As a reader you have a responsibility, to help and inspire the person to find balance and a positive direction in life, at the same time to help them to find compassion and understanding firstly for themselves and secondly for the soul journey they have experience so far. The Tarot gives you truth and understanding from the wisdom contained within the cards. The tarot by itself will give you unbiased truthful answers. You can honestly trust the cards, they never lie. The tarots are so accurate because they only work from the place of reality in the present moment. They will never give you some etheric my be wisdom or messages from the spirit world. They truly reflect the mirror of you soul.


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