In my readings and dealings with people, one of the things I have been asked the most is: “Where is the spirit world?”

The answers I give

are from my own understanding and interpretations. Also from the information I have received from spirit and from my psychic connection to the universe.

The Spirit World is likened to a giant electrical conduit. Both vast and ever flowing outwards,  settling in

and around the magnetic fields of planets. This field reaches out into eternity. The Spirit World literally is ‘worlds within worlds’.

Beams of sunlight through the trees

The Spirit World is Just a Breath Away

There are many dimensions to the spirit world. It is the cauldron of life. Forever creating, never stagnant and never empty, God is growing and forming out of the energy(consciousness) called love.

Every spirit that comes from the oneness is here to experience individuality.  We have free will so God can grow. God is manifested within each individual soul, which will, one day go back into heaven as a part of  God that has lived in solid form and duality. Thus allowing God (us) to experience its creation. By having the opportunity to be a spirit in a body on a soul journey. When it returns back to the light, it will ascend into the celestial kingdom and will become co creators with God, which is love.

First we must find God within us. To know all life is one. Only when we feel and know this with love in our hearts our souls will we reach the heart of God. In spirit world there is no past present or future, no time. These things only exist in duality.