Psychic Pub Readings!

Tarot reading in public

Psychic Readings In Public Places Can be VERY Revealing

One of the must unusual places to do readings is probably Pubs, Clubs and restaurants, they are noisy and busy places. people are drinking, eating, talking and you dont have any quiet room to read from.

People at this sort of venue only want entertainment, yes you are the novelty for the evening.

Well I can honestly say that it makes no difference to the power of your readings. The main thing you must do is you take control of your space and communicate in a different way, yep and speak alot louder!

I find pubs fascinating, this is where you can really see and pick up on peoples’ true fears and joys, because they are in such a social environment they tend to be presenting an image of their true personality rather than their real self.

rudi reading tarot cards for a lady in a club

Reading the Tarot Cards

If you can read in Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants you can read anywhere. The one thing about being a professional reader is having the flexibility to adapt to your surroundings. I teach readers how to work in different environments because you can easily find yourself reading in some strange, beautiful or even unforgiving places.



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