People who use Tarot, Runes, astrology, numerology, palmistry or any other divinitoryy systems, All work as stand alone sources of knowledge, which are all created belief systems based on human nature. So many people part-learn these systems, Never fully mastering them, then they become side tools or secondary when using their clairvoyant, psychic or mediumship abilities. This then opens the door for deception and non-belief in the true hearts of the readers themselves: they don’t trust the cards as a real powerful structured unbiased system, So when they give readings, people sense and observe there work, which then comes across as fake, scary and delusionary.

First you should master your art, knowing it inside and out. Only then you should Endeavour to add your spirituals gifts. Which individually and equally should have also been mastered, only then you can entwine all the gifts to uplift and inspire people to find true direction in life.

The purpose of the reader is not to give a great show of mentalism. Deceptively prizing out information or setting people up to be lead to believe unfounded nonsense: or the reader filling their heads with fear about events that everyone will normally experience: telling people what will happen in five years from now, or coming across as someone who has mystical and magical powers with the wisdom of the great masters is charlatanism.

To proclaim they are some gypsy Rose Lee born of a seventh daughter or son of a blood line to God given psychic abilities, past down from ancient antiquity is a pile of totally deluded egocentric dysfunctional dribble: they should all be on the stage doing mentalism. Anyone using manipulative mentalism to read and make money, have never really mastered the cards.  They haven’t connected to the magical wisdom, insight and truth inlaid in the Tarot cards or any other divinatory system.


So they say they are just tools.  Is the shamans drum just a tool? Or is it the heart beat of the spirit of the drum which take you on your journey through the door in to the hidden mysteries and unseen realms of life.  Is your body just a tool to hold your spirit? No everything is a reflection of the truth.